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Blue Dog

Dog training made simple

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Discover a revolutionary approach to dog training that will change your perception of the how to train your puppy or dog!

Uncover the secrets of "Happy Training" for your puppy and dog, using kind, enjoyable techniques that yield real results. Our comprehensive guide takes you through the entire journey, offering simple, force-free methods that deliver outstanding outcomes.

Using our Happy Training methods , not only will you strengthen your bond with your furry companion, but you'll also have a blast while teaching them life skills that will prove invaluable in real-life situations.

Benefit from expert advice and top tips from an award-winning dog trainer, helping you conquer the challenges of puppy and dog training while curbing undesirable behaviour. Plus, as a special bonus, we've included step-by-step training games and exercises that take just 3 minutes and can be effortlessly done at home every day.

But that's not all – this bundle also includes our comprehensive guide on "Puppy and Dog Enrichment Made Simple A to Z." We all know that physical activity is crucial for a dog's health, but integrating enrichment activities, play, and brain games into their daily routine is equally essential for their overall well-being. Our guide offers quick, budget-friendly ideas to incorporate into your daily schedule. By enriching your dog's life in this way, you'll not only ensure their happiness and contentment but also mitigate unwanted behaviours.

Both of these invaluable resources are available for a fraction of the cost of a fancy coffee, so why wait? Embrace the path to Happy Training today!