Our story

Founded by Karen Bunston, a certified dog trainer and dog behavior consultant. With a special focus on breeds like Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Poochons, Labradoodles, Poodles, and their crosses, Karen has had the privilege of assisting numerous furry friends and their dedicated human companions.

Her devotion to working with these wonderful dogs has transcended her professional career and found a place in her personal life. Karen now proudly shares her daily life with two cheeky and charming Poochons, Pablo and Pickle, who became a part of her family in 2021 and added joy and laughter to their household.

As a devoted Poodle, Doodle and Poo enthusiast, Karen's desire to spread her love and knowledge for these delightful breeds inspired the creation of "The Poodle, Doodle and Poo Boutique." This shop was born out of her passion for connecting with fellow Poodlem Doodle and Poo parents and fostering a community dedicated to these extraordinary canine companions.