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Blue Dog

Raising a puppy made simple

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In this comprehensive e-book, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of knowledge necessary for nurturing a calm, joyful, well-behaved, and self-assured puppy!

Within its pages, you'll discover a dedicated section on prepping for your puppy, covering essential topics like shopping for supplies, setting up your home, making the puppy feel safe and secure, preventing overwhelm, and we've even included a week-one sleep schedule and proven house training plan.

The e-book provides user-friendly, step-by-step instructions, invaluable insights, and the latest puppy parenting advice straight from Karen. This resource will guide you through every aspect of your puppy's initial months in your family's home.

By the time you've finished reading, you'll be well-equipped to avert many undesirable behaviours, fostering an even more incredible bond with your puppy.

It truly is the quintessential guide for every puppy parent. We only wish we had this resource before welcoming our first puppy into our lives all those years ago! And the best part? It's available for less than £5!

P.S  It even includes our 'Preparing for your puppy made simple', 'Dog training made simple' and 'Puppy and dog enrichment made simple' guides too.

This is what Claire had to say after reading it:

As a new puppy mum I found this book really useful to guide me though the challenges.

The book helps you prepare for picking up your new family member, helping you buy what you need and make the transition to your home as smooth as possible.  There are helpful tips and ideas, like the hot water bottle suggestion. I did this and am sure it helped settle my puppy at night. We also bought a cuddly toy with a beating heart which we put in his crate at nights - another top tip!

The A-Z guide is clear and simple - you don’t have reams to read and can go to the issue to get some advice or suggestions to help.  I’ve seen other books that felt a heavy read and not always achievable. With this it’s realistic and you can tell it’s written by someone who understands what I’m going through. 

This is a brilliant guide to help and support you from the early puppy days to enjoy your new addition.  Enjoy reading it, I did! 

Claire a Cockapoo puppy parent